Adnan Al Awamleh

Founder / Chairman

Adnan started his career working as an assistant cameraman at Jordan TV back in 1968. Soon after, he left to pursue his higher education at Beirut Arab University and BBC Institute then returned to Jordan TV but this time as a director, creating documentary programs. In 1983, Arab Telemedia Productions was born and grew to become the leading producer of high-budget Arabic epic dramas. In 2002, he stepped down and handed over leadership to his son Talal, who carried on his father’s vision and ambition. He’s been working on his solo projects ever since remaining the chairman of the board.

Fadi Al Shwaihat


Fadi is the second in command at the Group. He’s responsible for implementing the Group’s vision and mission. He leads, guides, directs and evaluates the work of the other assistant VP’s and directors. Fadi is a high-powered, multi-skilled, super organized and attentive to detail positive energy with a proven track record in accounting and sales. This has enhanced his ability as a true creator, seeker and evaluator of new business opportunities, models and trends. Over his seven year service for the Group, he has been undeniably and incredibly instrumental in every single development and success the Group has literally achieved.

Ibrahim Abu Nimeh

Director Of Production Facilities

Ibrahim has 15 years of combined experience in managing television productions during which he developed his skills and worked his way up to his current position as head of production operations. He is a dynamic, self-motivated and highly proficient team leader and has a proven ability in hiring and supervising large crews, negotiating best deals for talents, locations and technical equipment, creating and managing line-item budgets, coordinating complex schedules, troubleshooting pre- and post-production problems and working efficiently under great pressure. He is a core element in the success of the Group’s projects.

Anwar Al Saudi

Director Of Content Development

On various productions executed by the group over the past 12 years, Anwar has held almost every role possible and developed his skill set to the extent that he became the true showrunner he is now. He is an essential element to the groups’ ability in developing ideas, concepts and stories, conducting necessary research and winning projects. His background in arts and filmmaking equipped him with the right tool to begin his adventure. The last 15 years have added a lot to his experience, maturity and creativity, which shows evidently in his contribution in the various ongoing projects undertaken by the Group.

Hani Al Sulaibi


Hani began his career as a broadcast engineer at Jordan TV following his graduation from Germany in 1967. He also worked for three years for the German national television channel Das Erste (WDR) and was sent in 1973 by Jordan TV to Houston University to study digital engineering. After he left his job at Jordan TV, he started his own production company creating documentary, entertainment and educational programs and providing dubbing, research and consultancy services. In 2007, he decided to close down and join Arab Telemedia Group, where he made valuable and remarkable contribution to developing its broadcast division.