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Waed Al Ghareeb

This series narrates the story of a German Orientalist who comes to the desert as a spy for his government in order to win over the prominent sheikhs of several clans. He is caught by the men of Sheikh Jada’an who is witty enough to know the goal of the German’s visit and nullifies his plan without causing harm to the man, but welcoming him as an honorary guest instead.
Carl is impressed by Sheikh Jada’an and resides amongst the men of the clan as one of their own. Meanwhile, he documents all their customs and traditions and becomes very much involved in the details of their lives. Carl goes back to Germany but his nostalgia drives him back to the Arabian Desert, where he shares numerous events such as love affairs, years of draught and the overarching threat of famine with its people. Fast-forward 20 years, Carl goes back to his original hometown where he reminiscences and records what has learned and seen throughout his experience in the desert.



Destiny forces a bus full of strangers into another dimension.
In this new world, they are driven to discover their new fate.


Malek Bin Al Rayb

Malik Bin Al Rayb is a drama series that highlights the life of a poet from Bani Tamim tribe and the historical period in which he, his family and tribe lived.


Al Farazdak

In intense drama and suspense, the series introduces the lead character, Al
Farazdaq, as one of the eminent Arab poets at the outset of Islam.