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Arab Telemedia Group has invested in setting up a creative and powerful programming acquisitions department, which is responsible for acquiring exclusive media rights to a wide spectrum of both Arabic and international television programming including drama series, animation series and documentaries.

Our energetic and long experienced acquisitions executives are always on the lookout for popular and appealing TV content and they make sure they participate in all key TV trade fairs and exhibitions to stay up to date with the latest releases from all over the globe.

So you if are a producer, a content owner or a distributor that owns or represents content that may suit our needs, we can be one of your valuable clients!

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With an extensive network of business contacts all over the globe and strong and long-standing business relationships built over the past 30 years with local, regional and international clients, Arab Telemedia Group is one of the leading and largest distributors in the MENA region.

With an aggressive, pro-active and well-connected sales team using advanced and most effective sales tools both traditional and online, our Group is your best third partner if you are a content owner looking to maximize your distribution revenues.

We work through flexible and most equitable third party representation models and our goal is always to make an extra buck for our clients while protecting and preserving their IP and exploitation rights.

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If you would like Arab Telemedia Group to execute the production of your program, whether it is based on your own idea or on an idea selected from the broad range of ideas developed and proposed by our R&D team, but the cost of production exceeds your budget, we can offer co-production solutions that exactly meet your budget limitations.

Our co-production solutions include:

Arab Telemedia Group will get in as a co-producer and will pay the budget deficit (up to 50% of the production cost); In return, Arab Telemedia Group will get the exclusive distribution rights to the program and 50% of the distribution revenue.

Arab Telemedia Group can get in a third partner (i.e. TV channel) which will pay 30% of the production cost against getting simultaneous first-run rights to the program. The distribution revenue in this case will be split between the three partners.

Whatever your production budget is, we can guarantee you the best solution to offset your budget shortfalls thus help you make your project come true!

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Product Placement

Arab Telemedia Group is one of very few companies in the Middle East that provide product placement services. In addition to executing ‘product placement’ production wise, Arab Telemedia Group can also help you find advertisers who would be interested in placing their brands within your program.

Our sales team is well trained to do this from a to z starting from reading the script carefully, identifying and creating a contact database for prospective clients and negotiating the best deals through deciding the best way to place or embed the products within the program whether visually or verbally up to executing the final insertions and reporting clients on air dates, viewership ratings and web views.

Product placement in TV series is not so common in the Middle East however it is an important revenue stream that can cover a significant part of the huge production costs for many big studios and production companies.

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