a5er ayyam al yamama no qatar

The last days of Al Yamama

The current state of the Arabs and Muslims, its continuous conflict; it deals with its elements as well as its political, economical and social fronts.
The main elements of this crisis is lack of faith and security, absence of justice, dominance of injustice and the poor insight.
From this perspective, we can learn lessons from our history. We are focusing on our history based on the premise that history may repeat itself unless we learn from its lessons.


The Sun Rises Again

The story of a girl who grows up with a reckless father and loses her mother who dies of cancer but she goes on with her life trying to find the happiness she always longed for.


The Sons Of Al Rashid

The series revolves around Harun Al Rashid’s dilemma over which of his two sons he should choose as his successor, Mohammad who’s called Al Amin or Abdullah who’s called Al Maamoun.


The Rough Road

A news reporter covering the war in Afghanistan was once a pro-Jihadist. Now he has questions: why some kill and die in the name of God? Are they really terrorists? He decides to find the answer.


The Invasion

The story revolves around the love affair between a young Palestinian fugitive and a young Israeli woman. It all starts when Mustafa rescues two girls who had a car accident: Meryem (48 Arab Palestinian) and Yaeel (a Jew).

An Emmy Award Winner


The Gathering Age

The series highlights a brilliant era in the Islamic history when Qurtoba, which was then the capital of Andalusia and the pearl of the world, faced many challenges and threats.



How did Shahrazad, the poor girl, succeed in changing the life of the Sultan Shahrayar and solving his problem of finding his true love?


Sham Sharif

The series highlights the governing era of Asa’ad Pasha Al Azm, who governed Damascus at the beginning of the 18th century in 1743 AD.