Imru Al Qais

The story of the poet king who says at hearing of his father’s death, “He wasted me when I was a kid and now he burdens me with his blood”, so he decides to avenge his death.


Dhi Qar

When Hani ben Qashiba refused to hand over the Noman’s family and armor to Khosrow, they met at a watering place near Kufa in Iraq called Thi Qar, where 2000 Persian soldiers fought 3000 Arabs.



This is the story of Balqis, the Queen of Sheba, who ruled a far-stretched and rich empire and fought and won many wars with her shrewdness and wisdom to keep her country united.


AL Murabitun & Andalusia

It tells the story behind the division of the powerful Andalusia state into warring small states and the great impact of this on the whole historical course of that era.


Al Hajjaj

This is the biography of Al Hajjaj Bin Yousef Al Thaqafi, the distinguished character, who a lot controversy was raised around him during one of history’s most turbulent eras.


Abu Jafar Al Mansur

It highlights the conflicts within the Caliphate house from the second half of the Omayyad period until the beginning of the Abbasid period and its founder Abu Jafar Al Mansor, the lead character of this story.