Creating And Developing Ideas

Arab Telemedia Group’s television pre-production services are essential to all of our projects. Our attention to detail and creative concepts are the foundation to every successful production we carry out. Our pre-production services include: Concept, Design, Treatment, Research, Scripts, Storyboards, Casting, Location Scout, Budgets and Production Planning.

There’s a lot that goes into filming a TV production before the cameras start rolling. One of the major keys to success in every project we work on is determining the best possible outcome that we can create while staying within your budget. We’ll meet to discuss your project goals, hopes, and desires to be sure that we are all working together. In addition, you’ll stay in the loop every step of the way–from pre-production to production to post-production to final product delivery.

When we team up for your TV production, you’ll discover how our pre-production preparations can translate your final production into something greater than the original concept. When you work with Arab Telemedia Group, you don’t just get a good result. You get one heck of an experience!

Raising Funds

In a rapidly growing TV market such as the Middle East, television broadcasters are responding to increasingly competitive pressure by differentiating their programming from that of their rivals. Perhaps one of the most profitable areas of differentiation for broadcasters lies in high-quality Arabic drama series, which enjoy the highest viewership and share of advertising revenues. Broadcasters are especially keen on original Arabic series that appeal to viewers in large advertising markets such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region.

Taking advantage of the limited supply and strong demand for original high-end Arabic drama series, which is resulting in large increases in prices for this genre, Arab Telemedia Group has developed innovative and balanced investment business models for the purpose of attracting financial corporations and high net worth individuals to invest in financing the production of such drama series.

The investment business models are developed by an experienced, fluid and goals-driven business development team, who are your ticket to equitable media investment opportunities with the right balance of risk and reward.


TV production is the heart of Arab Telemedia Group. We take pride in creating high-end programs that capture both our clients’ stories and messages. Our production services include Permits, Props, Logistics, Transport, Crew, Equipment, Wardrobe, Make-Up, VFX and Budget Control.

Whether your goal is to inform, entertain or to evoke drama and emotion, Arab Telemedia Group can help you reach your objectives. We produce TV dramas, documentaries and corporate videos. From original concept to final product, Arab Telemedia Group oversees the entire production process for you. We’ll put together a filming crew, equipment, location, and a plan to create energy and bring your project to life.

We strive for a constant state of engagement with cutting-edge techniques and technology to provide stylish and polished post-production quality. Our post-production services consist of Editing, Motion Graphics, 2D & 3D Animation, Visual Effects, Voice-Over, Subtitling, Music & Sound Design, DVD Authoring, Web Conversion, Compression, and Posting.


Arab Telemedia Group is one of the leading distributors of television programming to all platforms across the MENA region and abroad, including free satellite, basic cable, pay cable and subscription video-on-demand.

With our pro-active sales team in both regional and international marketplaces, we reach out to hundreds of broadcasters and distributors directly and through third-party partners especially in remote territories, which are not easy to penetrate directly.

We continue to add new clients and markets to our portfolio due to our constant growth, our history of success and our reputation for integrity, always with the ultimate goal of achieving greater exposure and revenue for our clients and content partners.


Arab Telemedia Group has invested well in developing a creative marketing department, which is focused on creating a strong online presence for the Group, its products and services especially on social networks. This includes developing and managing e-marketing campaigns launched by the Group aimed at creating awareness and hype around its new productions.

It also evaluates the intelligence gathered about clients, competitors and market conditions, keeps abreast of latest e-marketing technologies and strategies and represents the Group at key international conventions and markets related to e-marketing.

Another key role it plays is to maintain and improve the Group’s corporate identity including branding, communications and corporate behavior and how much this is important in contributing to the value of our products, promoting customer loyalty and strengthening our ability to attract and retain talents.