Talal Al Awamleh

CEO, Executive Producer

The effort to catch up with the procession of civilization and culture can’t be achieved without bridging the gap between us and the advanced countries in the fields of science, art and management. This requires paying attention to the international expertise to benefit from the world's pioneer experiences in serving the aims our Arab societies are looking forward to consolidate through introducing the Arab culture and spreading it outside on a large scale.

Thus, this Arab institution took on its shoulders the responsibility of being unmatched in employing all these aspects to serve the Arab media by using the most modern technological equipments and attracting the most talented and qualified Arab artists in the fields of writing, directing, shooting, acting…etc.

To cope with the progress in the world, we have incorporated the most recent systems in developed administration methods to pave the ground for this institution to be the home of Arab media experts capable of benefiting from the best equipments all over the globe.

We are well aware that our ambition to introduce the best and the most distinguished is part of the Arab's nation ambition to restore its position and contribution in the human civilization. We know very well that our journey is long, exhausting and full of difficulties and hardships that will be overcome only by our strong will, persistence, seriousness and devotion; but we can assure you about the dear targets we are ambitious to accomplish: after a quarter of a century of work and achievements, it is in the range of vision…!

Talal Adnan Awamleh