“Al-Aidarous” A Unique Bedouin Drama by Arab Telemedia Group

As part of Arab Telemedia Group’s (ATG’s) production plan for 2022, the Group is thrilled to present the TV series “Al-Aidarous” to its audience.

“Al-Aidarous,” directed by Bassam Al-Masry, reflects the Arabian Desert life with all its natural, aesthetic, and social manifestations. The series contradicts mainstream views on Bedouins life and history, while maintaining the social values Bedouins take great pride in; their Arabian desert environment, and culture.  It sustains their traditions by the conditions imposed on them in the harsh desert. The series focuses on a number of values including great hospitality, especially towards a refugee that is protected and avenged by the Bedouins. It’s important to note that Bedouins may declare war if any of their guests is insulted or assaulted.

A distinguished party of elite Jordanian and Arab actors and actresses joined the cast. The list includes Khalid Al Ghware, Nadera Omran, Dana Jabr, Mohammad Al Ibrahimy, Habes Hussein, Ali Elayan, Refaat Al Najjar, Nariman Abdel Karim, Shakir Jaber, Mustafa Abu Hanoud, Luna Bishara, Salah Al Hourani, Katrine Ali, Khaled Jazaa, Monther Khalil, Omar Helmi, Ishaq Elias, Hani Al Khaldi, Muataz AlLabadi, and Dawood Afishaat.

“Al-Aidarous” will be brought to audience in a 5 Season and 6 Episode frame. This format utilizes the trending multi-season format to match viewer watching habits, promising to deliver both entertainment and excitement to the viewer whether on a digital platform or on a TV screen.

In a press release by the group, ATG announced that “Al-Aidarous” is written by the Jordanian writer Mustafa Saleh, best known for his outstanding scripts of reputable TV series, namely, “Nimer bin Edwan,” “Alia’s Eyes,” “The Stranger’s Promise,” “Scent of Fire,” and all of the renowned seasons of “Ghlais’s head.” All of these TV series are proud productions of ATG. Furthermore, the script was created by a content research and development team under the direct supervision of producer Talal Al-Awamleh.

Producer & group CEO Talal Al-Awamleh emphasized the importance of this project and stated that “Producing a Bedouin series in these times is a great challenge with the diverse technology options available for TV production and other broadcasting channels,”. ATG took this challenge as an opportunity to glorify humane and artistic values through the series, adding dimensions to the viewers’ feelings and thoughts while watching the series.

Al-Awamleh added that “Al-Aidarous” aims to present the authentic Bedouin tendency for freedom with all the glory the desert provides for women as well as men. This contradicts the hypothetical, Bedouin stereotype and provides a more authentic and credible image of Bedouin life. As he continued that “Producing such a title will include all the elements needed to deliver a genuine and thrilling Bedouin story,”..

The latest and most advanced TV production technologies were adopted in creating this series. The series introduces the environment and life of the tribes occupying the Arabian desert while sharing similar customs, origins, history, and professions. Such an approach grants the desert environment a thrilling, attractive, and contemporary feel worthy of documentation.

Throughout the story, the scenes show all of the Jordanian governorates using the latest technologies and equipment to achieve uniqueness in the story.

About Arab Telemedia Group
Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media company that innovates and produces high-quality media and television content. Founded in 1983 by the late esteemed producer Adnan Al-Awamleh, ATG is now directed by Emmy Award Winner, CEO, and Producer Talal Al-Awamleh. The Group management and multidisciplinary team managed to evolve from being a small family business to an integrated creative regional entity. It presented to its audience many television art works diversified from historical to social and Bedouin in both TV series and movie formats.  Mostly noted among these productions are the works “The Invasion", “Al-Hajjaj”, “The Sons Of Al-Rasheed”, “Abu Ja’far Al-Mansour", “Nimer bin Adwan”, “Odeh Abu Tayeh”, and “Sultana". ATG produced countless creative series that influenced the Arab screens for years. It received several awards and honorable mentions in Arab and global festivals. For more information about ATG, visit www.arabtelemedia.net.