Back Stronger Than Ever, Arab Telemedia Releases Exciting Two-Year Production Plan

Arab Telemedia Group recently announced its 2021 and 2022 production plan featuring groundbreaking titles that promise to dazzle.


Spanning historical, comedic, Bedouin, and contemporary genres, all releases feature leading regional talent that audiences know and cherish in addition to riveting scripts and stellar production. Each of the new releases additionally boasts more than one plot, with electrifying teasers and clips for each upcoming episode for the viewers, all of which will be available for viewing on multiple channels and platforms.


First on the list of releases is “Dahab Ayloul”: This three-season drama series tells the story of one female refugee journey through betraly and abuse after fleeing war and corruption.


The highly anticipated “Talal Street" is set in 1953. This modern historical, the series starts with His Majesty’s King Hussein bin Talal Succession to the throne and ends with his unfortunate death in 1999. The work deals with the social and economic development of Amman, Jordan. It consists of 9 seasons with 10 episodes each.


Arab Telemedia’s “Family of Two Floors” is a crowd-pleasing, family oriented series suitable for all viewers. This comedy tells the tale of two families who will stop at nothing for wealth and success. The show will consist of 30 episodes in 1 season.


Paying tribute to lush legacies and eras passed is “Muawiyah”. A historical series that sheds light on the trials and tribulations of Caliph Muawiyah bin Abi Sufyan. The series sheds light on his achievements in building the Islamic state in its political concept, to be the last caliphs and the first kings.


Plot twist and surprise define “Al-Aidarous". A Bedouin fantasy series that deals with the biography of the desert and its people, however in this series, the women are the heroines and change makers of the story.


From fantasy to thriller, fans will be left wanting more after watching “Salt Statues”. A contemporary fantasy series that sheds light on existentialism through a looking glass.


Catering to diverse audiences with unique preferences, Arab Telemedia is also working on the creation of a series of short form programs including skits and animation that celebrate the region’s culture and beliefs.


Arab Telemedia’s CEO, Talal Al-Awamleh underscored the importance and significance of the Groups releases, explaining that the amount of collaboration, innovation, and  professionalism is what will make these releases make their mark on the regional entertainment scene.


About Arab Telemedia:

Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media enterprise that innovates and produces high-quality film and TV content headed by CEO Talal Al-Awamleh. The group, which was founded in 1983 by producer and director, the late Adnan Al-Awamleh, has produced a slew of blockbusters ranging from historical and social to Bedouin series and films, such as the Emmy award winning series “The Invasion", “Nimr bin Al-Adwan", “Odeh Abu Tayeh", “Malik bin Al-Rayb", “Sultana", and “Scheherazade".