Chef Yasmin Abu Hassan launches Her First Book In The Culinary World Sponsored By Arab Telemedia Group

The Jordanian Chef Yasmin Abu Hassan launches her first book in the culinary world with the title “My Cookbook… Recipes from the heart”.

Abu Hassan journey began by creating various recipes and presenting them in a simple and spontaneous manner across her social media platforms, where she has close to a million followers from Jordan and the Arab World.

The book is available in both Arabic and English, consists of nine chapters, and is 316 pages long. It includes many Arabian and Western cuisine recipes, as well as original recipes by Chef Yasmin. These recipes originated from the chef's experience as a mother preparing various dishes for her home and guests.

The book was launched with the support of the Arab Telemedia Group, with the aim of enriching Arabic and culinary content, preserving recipes from vanishing, and promoting Jordanian and Palestinian cuisine.

The book was designed using the latest technologies, the newest and advanced methods in designing industry, it features more than 138 Arabian and global recipes, along with information such as country of origin, ingredients, and names along with so many details Chef Yasmin wants to share with her followers and audiences, from her personal experience in preparing various dishes.

“My Cookbook… Recipes from the heart" is the chef's personal approach to expressing her passion for presenting her cooking through various cuisines and simple preparation methods. The book includes main dishes, salads, soups, desserts, fattat, and menu ideas.

Talal Adnan Al-Awamleh, the CEO of Arab Telemedia Group, emphasized the importance of supporting the launch of “My Cookbook", stating that the group is delighted to support talented and creative individuals, regardless of their domain, because shedding light on creativity in all its forms is the Group approach since the founding 40 years ago”.

The book is currently available in both languages for the public through bookshops in Jordan and the Arab World.

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