Director Mohammad Zuhair Rajab: The series “Talal street” brings you dramatic events wrapped in an Arabic format

Arab audiences are promised a series with events centred around the city of Amman, ‘’Talal Street’’ is part of the production plan announced earlier by Arab Telemedia Group for the 2021-2022 season which will be distinguished in terms of both format and content.

For his newest work, Director Mohammad Zuhair Rajab will direct “Talal street” which will revolve around the developments in the city of Amman in the 1950’s with the social and urban progress of its environment and the people living there, all the events and stories shape the narrative in Ras Al-Ain area specifically in Talal street.

The Syrian director talks about his first cooperation with Arab Telemedia Group saying “I have a very close relationship with the Producer Talal Al-Awamleh and with his late father Mr. Adnan, I am thrilled to cooperate with the Group that has been known over the years for producing artistic and original works, and personally I consider the Group as one of the most important beacons of Arab productions.

With many titles directed under his name, Director Mohammad points to the fact of how complex and important the story of “Talal street “is, describing it as being written with a creative, intellectual and artistic vision, this provoked him as a director and sparked his creativity to come up with this masterpiece for the Arab audience.

The series will reflect the diversity of Arab societies; its hopes, pains, ambitions, disappointments, and challenges through the embodiment of different characters, these characters will be played by about 200 actors, Jordanian and Arab talents.





The main story line focuses on the social transformations through events from the daily lives of Talal street residents, where the cultural identity of the city emerges through the tales of different families with different races and nationalities, the reflection of Amman now is nothing but the continuous development and the struggle that those families presented.

The show will keep an eye on the development of Amman from the social and economic aspect through different characters that are played by young and fresh faces, this was recommended by the management of Arab Telemedia Group emphasising the importance of attracting promising young talents to nourish the Arab drama and push new talents, according to Mr. Rajab this is not something new as Arab Telemedia Group is well known for creating stars and investing in talents.


The director confirms that the events will be filmed in Amman in addition to many villages and governates from south to north, this will shed light on all the events that happened in the Arab region through the diverse personalities that reflect the Ammani and Arab society.

Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media enterprise that innovates and produces high-quality film and television content. It was founded in 1983 by producer Adnan Al-Awamleh. The management of the group moved to the producer Talal Al-Awamleh, soon after it was able to move from being a family business to an integrated creative media group, as it represents a gateway to Arabic entertainment content to the world

Arab Telemedia Group produced many television works ranging from Historical, Social and Bedouin titles that influenced Arab screens, most notably “The Invasion", which won the first and only Arab Emmy Award in 2008 and other productions that won prizes and received recognitions in regional festivals, in the forefront of these are: “AL-HAJJAJ”, “ABU JA’FAR AL-MANSUR”, “AL-AMIN AND AL-MA’MOUN”, “MALIK BIN AL-RAYB”, “SULTANA”, “SHAHRAZAD”, “NIMER BIN ADWAN”, “ODEH ABU TAYEH