High-Definition Films Produced by Arab Telemedia Group

In light of the increasing demand for Arabic content and the huge expansion of cinema theaters in the Arab world, Arab Telemedia Group (ATG) steps up through a massive re-versioning project which turns its biggest blockbuster series into Movies, catering to Arab audiences as per popular demand. Accordingly, ATG is inclusively presenting family-friendly content to all available broadcast platforms and converting its most prominent series’ collection into a series of films.

Among the famous dramas that have been converted into films from historical, social, political, and Bedouin genres are: “Ras Ghlais," “Al-Hajjaj," “Nimr Bin Adwan,” “Sultana," “The Sons of Al-Rashid (Al-Amin and Al-Mamoun)," “Dhi Qar," and the Emmy Award winning series, “The Invasion."

Above and beyond editing, the production of newly transformed feature films included state-of-the-art directorial vision, accompanied by enhanced color correction, sound mixing and music, in addition to upgrading all films to high-definition HD quality.

Upon premiering in pan-Arab cinemas, Arab Telemedia Group is thrilled to announce that the new feature films will in addition be made available to Arabic speaking audiences around the world through popular Video on Demand (VOD) platforms. The films will also be provided with English subtitles for non-Arabic speaking viewers.

Excitingly, ATG has adopted this new approach to producing all upcoming drama series production, culminating each film a distinct narrative from the series adaptation.

About Arab Telemedia Group

Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media company that innovates and produces high-quality film and television content. Founded in 1983 by the late esteemed producer Adnan Al-Awamleh, ATG is now directed by CEO and producer Talal Al-Awamleh, who was able to nurture this once family business into a competitive and creative Arab World TV entertainment gateway through formidable and vivacious leadership.

The group presented many television works, varying between historical, social and Bedouin series, most notably among them: “The Invasion" series (2008); the first ever Emmy Award winner for best foreign telenovela, as well as other series and programs which received several awards and honorable mentions in Arab festivals. In the forefront of such works are: “Nimr Bin Adwan," “Odeh Abu Tayeh," “Malik Bin Al Rayb," “Sultana," “Shahrazad," “Al-Hajjaj," “Al-Amin and Al-Mamoun," in addition to countless creative series and film works that have influenced the Arab screens.

For more information about ATG, please visit www.arabtelemedia.net