Shahryar and Shahrazad Channels Gain nearly 300M Views In 2022

Year after year, the free YouTube channels Shahryar and Shahrazad achieve more and more success and continue to thrive with numerous numbers of views and subscriptions which is better than what it has been in the past years.

In this year particularly, the channels gained a huge number of followers from the Arab audiences all over the world, and thus achieved splendid numbers due to meeting the audience's needs for high-end artistic content by showing Titles that are fan favorite produced by Arab Telemedia group.

Views on Shahryar increased significantly, with a total of more than 168 million views to date, while the number of views on Shahrazad reached more than 25 million, these numbers keep on growing exponentially, reflecting the extent to which the channels meet the needs of the Arab Audience.

The number subscribers on both channels have doubled, reaching more than 234 thousand subscribers on Shahryar, and more than 40 thousand on Shahrazad. Shahryar recently received the YouTube Silver Creator Award (silver play button) for reaching more than 234 thousand subscribers from all over the world.

After achieving high numbers of viewers and subscribers, new channels will be launched offering very quality content. The channels are Sinbad and Aladdin where Sinbad will have Kids / Children as its target audience, and Aladdin will have the Young / Youth.

Shahryar and Shahrazad are one of Arab Telemedia Networks channels, one of Arab Telemedia Group subsidiaries, specialized in publishing the Group’s titles and content on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

About Arab Telemedia Group 


Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media company that innovates and produces high-quality film and television content. Founded in 1983 by the late esteemed producer Adnan Al-Awamleh (1948-2021), ATG is now directed by CEO and producer Talal Al-Awamleh, who through formidable and vivacious leadership, was able to nurture this once family business into a competitive and creative Arab World TV entertainment gateway.

The group presented many television works, varying between historical, social and Bedouin series, most notably among them are: “The Invasion" series (2008); the first and only Emmy Award winner for best foreign telenovela in 2008, as well as other series and programs which received several awards and honorable mentions in Arab festivals. In the forefront of such works are: “Nimr Bin Adwan", “Odeh Abu Tayeh", “Malik Bin Al Rayb", “Sultana", “Shahrazad", “Al-Hajjaj", “Al-Amin and Al-Mamoun", in addition to many artistic series and film works that have influenced the Arab screens. Visit