“Talal Street”; an Epic tale that documents the history of Amman, Produced by Arab Telemedia Group

Arab Telemedia Group announces the production of “Talal Street” within its 2021-2022 production season; which promises to be diverse in terms of both format and content

“Talal Street” follows the development of the capital Amman in the 1950’s, it portrays the social and urban progress of Amman’s environment and its residents through a novel whose events and calamities are shaped in “Ras Al-Ayn" more specifically in a street named “Talal”.

The main storyline revolves around the social transformations that include fascinating events from the daily lives of the residents of Talal Street at the time, where the cultural identity of the city emerges through the stories of different families of various origins, what Amman presents is nothing but the result of many years of development, struggle, and ambition, which led to progress and prosperity.


The series presents a monumental Drama that begins in 1953 with His Majesty the late King Hussein bin Talal assuming his constitutional powers and ends with his death in 1999. The Show deals with the development of Amman from the social and economic aspects through the eyes of different Arab nationalities who lived and contributed to its construction and development.


The cast will include a group of Jordanian and Arab actors that will participate in 9 seasons, each season consisting of 10 episodes, as part of the group’s plan of producing multiple seasons to align with the modern formats that meet the Arab and international audiences’ watching habits, whether this viewing is on digital platforms or traditional television screens.


According to a press release issued by the group, the titles currently in production have been written in abidance to the latest international standards in this field. The development of the superb writing was overseen by a team of the finest writers within creative-writing workshops aimed at producing distinguished dramatic screenplays, each episode includes more than one dramatic plot, and the opening of each episode is preceded by a teaser-scene that tackles the episode’s events in a symbolic and dramatic style.


Producer Talal Al-Awamleh and the CEO of Arab Telemedia Group spoke about the importance of “Talal Street”:

“The city of Amman was and still is an incubator for its people and their Arab brethren from all over the world, it also was a witness in its environment and construction to the development of Jordan both socially and economically. Amman was an example of openness to diverse cultures of various origins, this exposure was reflected on the lives of its people in a special and distinctive way, this makes it particularly important to present a dramatic work that befits the history of Amman, the capital of Jordan.


Arab Telemedia Group is an independent media enterprise that innovates and produces high-quality film and television content. It was founded in 1983 by producer Adnan Al-Awamleh. The management of the group moved to the producer Talal Al-Awamleh, soon after it was able to move from being a family business to an integrated creative media group, as it represents a gateway to Arabic entertainment content to the world.



Arab Telemedia Group produced many television works ranging from Historical, Social and Bedouin titles that influenced Arab screens, most notably “The Invasion", which won the first and only Arab Emmy Award in 2008 and other productions that won prizes and received recognitions in regional festivals, in the forefront of these are: “AL-HAJJAJ”, “ABU JA’FAR AL-MANSUR”, “AL-AMIN AND AL-MA’MOUN”, “MALIK BIN AL-RAYB”, “SULTANA”, “SHAHRAZAD”, “NIMER BIN ADWAN”, “ODEH ABU TAYEH